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W.E. O'Neil     Construction     General Contracting     CO-Denver     June 12, 2020

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The W.E. O'Neil Construction Company family of companies is structured to benefit our clients with the stability of a strong bonding capacity and financial security and localized regional expertise.

Position Overview

Company Description

W.E. O’Neil is a commercial construction company that always acts with integrity in all of our interactions, never compromising our business ethics.  This is the cornerstone of who we are as a company and is essential to our future success.  Our people are our competitive edge and thrive in a culture framed in teamwork and client satisfaction.  We empower our clients to focus on their business.  This challenges our organization to continuously improve our service and drive shareholder value.

General Role Description

The Project Superintendent is responsible for the successful completion of all projects within budget, on schedule with zero construction deficiencies in a safe manner. The Superintendent is focused on supporting project management in execution of job related issues. This individual will work to ensure a positive team environment based on mutual respect and collaboration between Project Management and Field Operations.  This role is focused on client service and will be accountable for all aspects of site operations as well as delivering projects in the field for the mutual success of our clients, internal teammates, architects, engineers, specialty contractors and other stakeholders.  The position reports to the General Superintendent.

Key Responsibilities

·        Business Development:

o   Participate in the effort of fostering Business Development & Marketing within the culture

o   Work with marketing regarding marketing on the job site

o   Participate in the EC2 Process

o   Participate in Project Pursuit Approaches

o   Contribute project specific content to RFPs

o   Participate in the project interview process

o   Assist pre-construction department by providing advice on schedule, site logistic plans, subcontractor recommendations, constructability reviews, etc.

·        Safety / Risk Management:

o   Execute the safety program

o   Leads weekly safety coordination meetings

o   Job site safety management - Enforce safety rules and regulations

o   SWPP program & documentation - Understand and enforce SWPPP regulations

o   Participates in Compliance Assurance.  (Executed subcontract and insurance on file before starting work.)

·        Scheduling:

o   Accountable for project schedules being met or exceeded

o   Engage with Pre-Construction to ensure initial schedules are developed in accordance with client and internal expectations

o   Work with project team to develop a complete contract base line CPM

o   Work with project team to ensure schedules are maintained and/or accelerated to ensure compliance with the prime contract

o   Uses the schedule as a tool and ensures accurate updates.

o   Development of short interval schedule tracking and execution

o   Coordination of work with sub-contractors

o   Proactive attention to long lead items - Accountability for long lead procurement activities in compliance with the master CPM

o   Ability to identify critical path issues and potential pitfalls for project completion

o   Ability to quantitatively plan and schedule using productivity analysis.

o   Ability to quantitatively diagnose subcontractor productivity issues.

o   Ability to build and implement a recovery schedule.

·        QA / QC:

o   Implement the QA/QC program

o   Hold Sub-Contractors accountable for QA/QC

o   Deep knowledge of contract documents -Thorough understanding of the plans, specifications, and approved submittals

o   Facilitate effective pre-construction subcontractor meetings

·        Closeout:

o   Execute project closeout per the Process Manual

o   focus on driving field teams to succeed with the last “5%”

o   Hold self, and project team accountable for close out including as-builts, completion of punch lists in a timely manner, etc.

·        Warranty Management:

o   Participation in 11-month warranty walk with clients/owners.

o   Participation in prompt resolution of all warranty issues

o   Coordinate and follow up on all warranty issues as directed by the General Superintendent.

·        Financial:

o   Manage and execute jobsite logistics (general requirements) - within a budget.

o   Basic understanding of project cost control systems and forecasting.

o   Considers cost implications when solving field issues and executing the work.  Gains consensus with Project Manager on cost decisions.

·        Other:

o   Drive the culture on the foundation of our core values

o   Ability to determine client concerns and issues and alleviate them

o   Participate in subcontract negotiations which are significant in size and/or complexity in advance of award to ensure specific field need are communicated and contracted for i.e. manpower, schedule, site logistics etc.

o   Provide project status reports to the General Superintendent, PM and APM highlighting schedule, budget, quality, safety, sub compliance and production

o   Ensures jobsites are set up appropriately, and professionally maintained.

o   Attend OAC meetings – Present on schedule update, short interval look ahead, and master CPM.

o   Runs regular, organized, complete, & productive jobsite sub-meetings

o   Oversee daily jobsite performance and execution for project delivery to the client

o   Daily reports, schedules, progress photographs, and safety

o   Manage a systematic process to Foresee potential issues before and during work being performed, and proactively address them.

o   Expedite answers to RFI’s. (Ability to prioritize, and substantiate logic for prioritization)

o   Actively participate in Estimating to Operations Hand-Off meetings

o   Professional appearance inside the job trailer, and initial set-up

o   Promote positive relationships with owners, architects and sub-contractors

o   Work as a team with Project Managers – no “us vs them”.

o   Promote teamwork within the entire project team.  Internal and external.

o   Time management - Allocates one’s own time efficiently.  Handles multiple demands and competing priorities.

o   Fosters open communication.  Leads and creates an atmosphere where everyone’s input matters and is encouraged to be expressed.

o   Delegation – Clear communications of expectations, and follow up.

Core Competencies / Skill Sets


·        Relationships; Owners, Owner Reps, Architects, Engineers etc.

·        OAC meetings – scheduling aspects

·        EC2 Process

·        Project Pursuit Approaches

·        Assist pre-construction department by providing advice on schedule, site logistic plans, subcontractor recommendations, constructability reviews, etc.

·        Safety programs

·        SWPP regulations

·        Compliance assurance

·        QA / QC programs

·        Closeout Process

·        Subcontract negotiations

·        Professionally maintained job sites

·        Job site Subcontractor meetings

·        Daily job site performance

·        Daily reports, schedules, progress photographs, and safety

·        Foresee potential issues before and during work being performed, and proactively address them

·        RFI management

·        Professional appearance: job site / job trailer / initial set-up

·        Open positive and proactive communication


·        Team culture between the office and the field

·        Relationships between Superintendents & Project Managers

·        Contribute project specific content to RFPs

·        Participate in the project interview process

·        Scheduling

·        Warranty Program

·        Jobsite logistics (general requirements)

·        Project cost control systems and forecasting

·        Project Status reports

·        Hand Off meetings

·        Time management

·        Delegation



Construction-General Contracting

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