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W.E. O'Neil     Construction     General Contracting     CO-Denver     June 3, 2020

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W.E. O'Neil

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The W.E. O'Neil Construction Company family of companies is structured to benefit our clients with the stability of a strong bonding capacity and financial security and localized regional expertise.

Position Overview

Company Description

W.E. O’Neil is a commercial construction company that always acts with integrity in all of our interactions, never compromising our business ethics.  This is the cornerstone of who we are as a company and is essential to our future success.  Our people are our competitive edge and thrive in a culture framed in teamwork and client satisfaction.  We empower our clients to focus on their business.  This challenges our organization to continuously improve our service and drive shareholder value.

Title:  Project Manager

General Role Description

The Project Manager is an expert in managing the full gamut of the construction process at the project level.  This individual understands how to develop and maintain positive relationships that result in long-term partnerships with clients, subcontractors and consultants. The Project Manager excels at consistent and accurate communication with all parties involved in the project process.  The individual will lead a team with a project focus that includes; how the project fits with the clients’ goals while adhering to schedule and budget as well as the ability to identify project value and maximize the projects’ financial performance. This position reports to the Sr. Project Manager role and has direct supervisory responsibilities for Assistant Project Managers, Project Engineers. 

Key Responsibilities

·        Business Development:

o   Drive the culture on the foundation of our core values

o   Participate in the effort of fostering Business Development & Marketing within the culture

o   Work with marketing regarding marketing on the job site

o   Participate in the EC2 Process

o   Participate in Project Pursuit Approaches

o   Contribute project specific content to RFPs

o   Participate in the project interview process

·        Project Management:

o   Holds project teams accountable for behaviors that deliver results

o   Lead and facilitate OAC Meetings

o   Work with project teams regarding profitability while driving repeat business through project quality and performance under various contracting methods

o   Develop construction strategy and have full buy-in from super and subs

o   Act as a proactive liaison between Owner, Consultants, Subcontractors and WEO project teams

o   Proactively look for ways to use the resources of WEO to solve client problems

o   Demonstrates a thorough commitment to the client by insuring that all aspects of the WEO’s obligations are met and exceeded

o   Views our clients as business partners and acts as an advocate for them in managing the building process

o   Is willing and capable of holding ourselves, our subcontractors, and our clients accountable in a professional and collaborative way

o   Own project delivery from start through warranty, including the execution of financial performance and delivery of client goals and objectives

o   Accountable for overall effective communication with all parties involved in the construction process

o   Proactive problem solving: recognize and drive resolution of any obstacles preventing success in all areas of a project – schedule, budget, subcontractors, staff, changes, means/methods, client satisfaction

o   Deep understanding of all Prime Contracts and Sub Contracts

o   Champion of quality management / quality control - communicate the purpose and benefits while overseeing and driving the process at a high level

o   Champion of safety on jobsites - ensuring 100% compliance and exercising the authority to stop unsafe activity or behaviors

o   Resolve conflicts/issues with clients and subcontractors

o   Adaptability to accept change when circumstances demand it – decisive in driving resolution to tough issue.

·        Scheduling:

o   Work with project team to develop a complete contract base line CPM

o   Work with project team to ensure schedules are maintained and/or accelerated to ensure compliance with the prime contract

o   Use the schedule as a tool and ensure accurate updates

o   Responsible for on time project completion

·        Buy Out:

o   Participate in project handoff meetings from Estimating to Operations.

o   Ensure the preparation of complete scopes of work for each trade - make sure all exposures are covered up front (even if not covered by original estimate)

o   Ensure timely Buy-Out of each trade with a positive end result.  The sub should walk away happy as well.

·        Subcontracts and Purchase Orders:

o   Prepare subcontract drafts with a complete understanding of notes and comments on the bid tab under the selected subcontractor – holistically.

o   Foster strong subcontractor relationships.

o   Lead timely resolution with all applicable subcontractors regarding any disputes

·        Finance / Risk Management:

o   Understands that financial success is a necessary result for our business to grow and succeed

o   Strong knowledge base of business terms and owner contracts and how they affect project outcomes.  Disciplined, focused, and able to negotiate interpretations of the same

o   Read and understand the project contract and how it relates to our responsibilities and manage the risks accordingly

o   Own negotiations and contracting process with subcontractors to secure executed contracts and agreements in a timely manner

o   Negotiate any requested changes to Subcontractor contract language in the scope of work and contract value sections

o   Understand Owner and Subcontractor Insurance & Bonding and how it relates to projects

o   Manage project budgets, cost expenditures, change management, forecasting, timely draw submissions, timely payment from clients, and timely payment of subcontractors.

o   Owns the consistency and effectiveness of monthly project review meetings


·        Project Set Up in Project Management Software:

o   Ensure that the drawing, submittal and closeout logs are complete

o   Ensure the setup of the phase/cost code breakdown based on the contract budget meets the needs of the project

o   Set up the pay application continuation sheet based on the contract budget

·        Meeting Minutes:

o   Coordinate the layout/contents of the meeting minute packet with the Owner, Architect and Project Management team

o   Effectively record meeting minutes as required and directed

o   Timely distribution of meeting minutes to the project team

o   Timely resolution of action items delegated in the meetings

·        Process Contract Changes:

o   Distribution of all changed contract document to subcontract base

o   RFI Creation, Tracking and Distribution

o   Create, track and report all owner/architect budget pricing

o   Create, track and process all Pending Change Orders

o   Create, track and process all Owner Change Orders

o   Create, Track and process all Subcontractor Change Orders

·        Working Set Drawings for Office Use:

o   Create and maintain a full set of up to date drawings including:

§  All revisions in one set should be included

§  The newest page should be in front of the previous page revisions, with the bottom right hand corner of the previous pages folded and VOID written across

§  All parts of the drawings the have been changed via RFI or a new detail (ASI/CCD) but the page was not officially changed should be noted in RED marker to reference the RFI/ASI/CCD.


·        Process Submittals:

o   Review the contract documents to create a Submittal tracking log in Project Management Software

o   Request and track all submittal requirements from the subcontractor, to the Architects and back to all subcontractors that will be affected by the submittal

o   A thorough and timely review of the submittal when compared to the contract and city documents prior to their submittal to the Architect/Engineer/Consulting team.

o   Manage the procurement process to create submittal schedule, and ensure timely deliveries of material/equipment to meet the project schedule.


·        Closeout Documents:

o   Manage the timely preparation and execution of the project closeout process

o   Assist the Superintendent in creating, completing and finalizing the project punch list

Core Competencies / Skill Sets


·        Job Site Marketing

·        EC2 Process

·        Project Pursuit Approach

·        RFP content

·        Project interviews

·        OAC meetings

·        Project Quality

·        Project performance

·        Proactive problem solving

·        Client goals & objectives

·        Client commitment

·        Client advocate

·        Accountability

·        Collaboration

·        Warranty

·        Effective communication

·        Safety

·        Conflict resolution

·        Change management

·        Subcontractor relationships

·        Negotiation



·        Prime Contracts

·        Sub Contracts

·        Proactivity

·        Scheduling

·        Base line CPMs

·        On-time project completion

·        Buy Out

·        Project Hand Off Meetings

·        Trade scopes of work

·        Risk Management

·        Insurance & bonding

·        Project budgets

·        Cost expenditures

·        Forecasting

·        Draw submissions

·        Client payments

·        Payment of subcontractors

·        Monthly project review meetings

·        Drawing, submittal and closeout logs

·        Cost codes

·        Pay applications

·        Meeting minute packets

·        RFIs

·        Change orders

·        Working Set Drawings

·        Submittals

·        Close Out documents

·        Punch List


Construction-General Contracting

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