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DPR Construction     Construction     General Contracting     GA-Atlanta     June 16, 2020

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We're a national technical builder specializing in complex, sustainable projects that utilize our in-house expertise and passion for measurable results.

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Atlanta, GA
DPR Construction is looking for Concrete Carpenter w ith at least 3 years of experience in all aspects of the concrete commercial construction.
Job Requirements:
Establishes finish grade during the pour of the sla bs.
Ability to read tape measure.
Ability to tie rebar and set string line for settin g concrete forms.
Performs the concrete placement and finish to inclu de placing, finishing, curing, and cutting of concrete slabs.
Ensures applications of floor toppings & finishes t o meet project requirements consistent with floor flatness and floor levelness.
Required to perform a variety of tasks including er ecting and setting forms for concrete structures, buildings, and site work, according to specifications and drawings.
Must have knowledge of proper cross slopes and acce ptable tolerances of sidewalks, ADA ramps, curbs, driveways, and other concrete str uctures.
Patching and repairing of concrete work, concrete r estoration and concrete joint treatments. Proficient in the use of the following tools: strai ght edges to establish grade, bull floats, mops and Highway Straight Edges, float blades, comb o blades, hand tools, sledgehammer, hand saws, power drills, saws, lasers and finish blades. and has the knowledge to use the equipment at the p roper time of the place-finishing sequence.
Ability to use hand tools for floor finishing, edgi ng, joint tooling. Single and double trowel machines. Curing, pump and vibratory equipme nt. Walk-behind trowels and double riders. Maintains up-to-date knowledge of all tools and equ ipment required.
Physical Requirements:
Climbing, standing, sitting, walking, reaching, ben ding, balancing, squatting and kneeling for prolonged periods at a time.
Ability to lift/push/pull up to and not limited to 100lbs. Working Conditions:
Work occurs primarily in on-site environment and ma y be indoors or outdoors. May sometimes involve heights, exposure to hot or cold weather, loud noises, dust and fumes.
All PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) Must be wo rn at all times (safety vest, protective eyewear, hearing protection, gloves, sleeves as needed, hard hat, face shield, & approved foot wear including rubber boots)
Pay based on experience and capabilities. DPR offers medical/dental/vision/life insurance and Paid Care Leave along with a 401(k) match for employees.
Construction-General Contracting  

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