Who is RFT for?

Request for Talent is for serious candidates and employers in the Commercial Real Estate Industry within the Construction Management, Development, Architecture, Engineering, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Leasing, Property Management etc. We are solely focusing in the industries under the umbrella of CRE Development.

How does an employer find me?

This is why a complete and well written profile is so important. Employers find you on the database by searching the available parameters which include: location, years of experience, category (construction, development, finance, architecture, property management etc) and industry (multifamily, retail, hospitality etc).

How do I contact a candidate?

Employers can contact candidates by clicking on the “contact me” button at the top of their profiles, but you must have an active  account and job postings first.

How is our company’s job on RFT?

We are looking across the country for great companies that have wonderful opportunities we can share with our candidate pool and yours was one of them!

Do we owe a fee if a candidate responds to a job we didn’t list on RFT?

No, right now RFT is a free service and we are reaching out to client companies to help them get started. Right now our services are free.

Do we owe a fee to the agencies that RFT is partnered with when we list a job on RFT?

No, our partnerships with  executive search and other agencies is based on a long term growth platform. However, if you contract directly with any of them that would be outside of RFT and subject to their fee agreements. RFT is a free service for now.

Why should I put my profile on RFT when I have a linkedin profile?

If you are serious about your career as a candidate then you should place yourself on a site that purely focuses on jobs within the real estate development arenas. Linkedin is entertaining to the masses but subjects it’s members to constant bombardment from unrelated companies, opportunities and people. RFT is the Recruiting Cloud for real estate…. we are not a social site or meta job board.

Why should I use RFT when there’s Linkedin, ZipRecruiter and Indeed?

If you have used either of these platforms you’ll know firsthand how bad the results area. None of these sites cultivate their candidate audience. They let anyone from anywhere signup and apply to your positions. Our search partners have tested all of these sites and have had dismal results (Example: listed “Project Architect, Retail Design, Phoenix, Arizona” on ziprecruiter and Indeed and received hundreds of resumes from all of the world (except the US) from candidates in the Technology sector).

I have a candidate profile, can I see the other candidates?

No. Candidates cannot see other candidates for privacy reasons.