Retail Real Estate Webinar Learning Series


07/01/2020 - 12/31/2020

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Our mission is to ensure the retail real estate industry is broadly recognized for the integral role it plays in the social, civic and economic vibrancy of communities across the globe. Founded in 1957, today we are a 70,000-member network joined together in one vibrant global community.

Event Overview

ICSC’s Retail Real Estate Professional Learning Series offers convenient online webinars on 12 topics relevant to the shopping center industry. The topics are thoughtfully curated for professionals interested in gaining a better understanding of the needs and projects of their clients and colleagues.

The webinars include interactive quizzes, suggested readings and a great learning opportunity. Every session in the series is facilitated by a distinguished industry leader who works closely with ICSC as faculty and/or is a member of the Certification Admissions & Governing Committee. Each webinar is 90 minutes long, and a recording of the presentation will be emailed to you upon purchase.

  Full Series  Per Course
Member $425 $50
Non-Member $800 $95
Student Member $425 $50

Course I: Retail Real Estate Finances
This course will provide a basic understanding of business finances in the shopping center industry, including:

  • Understand income/expenses, cap rate sensitivity analysis
  • Basic principles, practices and terminology of real estate finance
  • Finance spreadsheets and financial calculator functionalities

This course requires a calculator.

Course II: Retail Real Estate Finance in Practice
This course will help you understand various aspects of shopping center business finances such as:

  • Valuation and cost-benefit analyses
  • Mathematics of retailing; financial and operational implications of legal documents
  • Performance targets and leverage impact on return on investment

Course III: Development — Strategic Planning and Predevelopment
In this course, key points are explained and then tested using interactive quizzes. Topics include:

  • Development and market research fundamentals
  • Understanding important site selection and acquisition factors
  • Stakeholder needs and ownership objectives

Course IV: Development — Finance, Leasing and Project Management
This course reviews important aspects of development as they relate to valuation analysis, leasing and project management: 

  • Development leasing fundamentals
  • Basic negotiation skills pertaining to rents and early terminations
  • Methods of financing and ownership structures

Course V: Design and Construction
This course will cover essential principles of design and construction:

  • Principles and practices of construction, including project delivery systems and documents
  • Components of project costs
  • Design elements, requirements and project scope

Course VI: Leasing — Your Market and Merchandising Mix
This course will focus on fundamental aspects of leasing:

  • Prospecting for long-term tenants
  • Retailer and category productivity analysis
  • Merchandising mix, revenue objectives and vacancy factors

Course VII: Leasing — Leasing Strategy and the Lease
In this course, you will learn about leasing strategy and associated legal terminology:

  • Rent structures
  • Long-term and short-term leasing strategies
  • Retailer operations
  • Basic contract terms

Course VIII: Asset Management
This course will cover important asset management knowledge, such as:

  • Basic principles of value creation and financial benchmarking such as ROI and IRR
  • Market assessments and due diligence
  • Budgeting and forecasting

Course IX: Marketing
In this course we will explore how effective marketing contributes to a successful center:

  • Methodology and interpretation of market research
  • Problem and opportunity identification (SWOT analysis)
  • Components of a marketing plan strategy and budget
  • Ancillary revenue generating sources

Course X: Property Management and Operations — The Physical Aspects
This course deals with components necessary for daily and long-term management of the property: 

  • Reconciliation methods including CAM calculations, property tax settlements, caps and adjustments
  • Tenant lease requirements for sustainability initiatives
  • Physical plant systems and structural building systems
  • Competitive bid procedures including performance requirements and final approvals

Course XI: Property Management and Operations — Working with Stakeholders
This course will focus on complementary knowledge areas under property management, retailing and legal:

  • Operations elements of crisis management
  • Tenant coordination process
  • Retailer productivity analysis and factors
  • Dispute resolution (mediation, litigation, arbitration) and labor laws

Course XII: It’s All About Relationships — Interpersonal Skills in Retail Real Estate
This course will cover key areas necessary for creating and maintaining relationships with stakeholders and contacts:

  • Interpersonal communication and conflict resolution
  • The importance of understanding stakeholder needs
  • Local and regional governance structure

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