CONSTRUCTING THE BUILDINGS WHERE YOU work, learn, play and heal. We are a nationally ranked commercial contractor with proven experience in virtually every industry.

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A leader in several markets, Layton brings honesty, integrity and innovation to the construction industry—focused on building things right. 


work, learn, play and heal

We are a nationally ranked commercial general contractor with proven experience in virtually every industry.

Our Integrity Is Measured By Honesty, Safety, Unity, and Quality.

Layton was founded and remains grounded on principles of honesty and working in a safe and unified manner that achieves predictable, quality results. The concept of Constructing with Integrity perfectly integrates our values with how we do business.


Integrity demands honesty. To Construct with Integrity, we must be open and forthright, even when doing so is difficult. Truthful conversations create opportunities for better analysis and decisions. Honesty builds trust. Trust builds relationships that lead to success.


Safety is a core value. Constructing with Integrity means prioritizing safety above other considerations. The lives and well-being of our employees and associates are paramount.


Constructing with Integrity encompasses the condition of being unified and complete. It requires mutual respect, listening to understand, and collaborating with others both internally and outside the company.


A project Constructed with Integrity will stand as a symbol of quality and first-class work long after the workers have left the jobsite. We strive to deliver craftsmanship by planning, anticipating, and ensuring attention to detail. We take pride in our finished product as an expression of our personal commitment to excellence and predictable outcomes.

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